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Allow me to introduce myself:


* I was born in Texas and raised in Alabama, although I spent most of my adult years here in New York.  Although I'm definitely a New Yorker through and through, barbecue, mountains, open roads and easy living still run in my blood.

* I grew up playing soccer and turned down multiple scholarships to pursue acting-  once I stepped foot on a stage, I never looked back.

* I am an avid cook and gardener-  I have a separate bookshelf just for my cookbooks and grow my own produce every Spring/Summer here in NY.  

* I believe traveling is essential and have been all over the world-  I truly think that the only way you will ever get to understand and appreciate a person is to see where they are from.

* I lost my wife in the summer of 2020 to late stage Breast Cancer of and dedicate what I do to her memory.  She started her own movement, #howtocancerbetter, and inspired so many people, including myself, to live life to the absolute fullest.

When I'm not acting or cooking, you can catch me playing with my two puppies, Bagel and Bun Cha.  Yes, they are named after foods, and if you peek around the site, you may catch a picture or two with them ;).

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